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Why couples therapy? 

 A good relationship enriches our lives, making us happier and healthier. And partnerships can bring a variety of challenges; making it difficult to experience the love, closeness, and support we want and need. Sometimes these challenges involve repetitive patterns, vicious circles that leave both partners feeling stuck and hopeless. Another challenge for the partnership can also be brought about by moving to a new country or by living in a multi-national relationship. Couples therapy can help to strengthen your connection and love. During the process of therapy, I will help you to more deeply understand yourself, your partner, and the dynamics between you two that contribute to your problems. In the therapy sessions and at home you will practice new behaviors and possibilities to react to each other. If we dare to be vulnerable in our partnership we will be able to experience real intimacy and closeness with each other.


  • You are looking for less interpersonal tension and conflict
  • You are not happy in your partnership, you want to improve your relationship
  • As internationals, one or both of you are struggling with adapting to your new life
  • You are a multi-national couple and need help to understand each other better
  • Psychological problem/s are having detrimental effects on the relationship
  • An affair has occurred and you want to work through this experience
  • Sexuality and intimacy are not at the level you would like them to be
  • You don’t know if you want to continue your partnership
  • You have made a decision to separate and would like to find a balanced way of concluding your partnership