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Why Family therapy?

For many of us, families are one of the most important sources of fulfillment and stability. And yet, we can find that those we love most are also the most challenging, whether through outright conflict or difficulties in communication. The help of a neutral party such as a therapist can be a valuable resource in working through these negative patterns. In a family therapy session we first work to determine what your family precisely needs in such sessions by taking the perspective of each family member into account. Together we will explore and implement new possibilities regarding how you can approach your personal challenges as a family so that you can again connect with each other in a fulfilling way.




  • You are looking for less tension and conflict in your family
  • You would like to have a deeper connection with family members
  • You are adapting to new family structures, e.g., after joining two families
  • You have difficulties adapting to a new environment, e.g., after relocating
  • Someone from your family has psychological problems
  • You have experienced a challenging time as a family, e.g., after a traumatic or difficult event