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Why coaching?

In coaching sessions we mainly focus on work issues, including structural, social, and personal work-related challenges. Internationals can often face unique problems that come with having to adapt to a new environment. These can include issues such as learning a new language and new social customs in order to integrate and be happy with one’s supervisors, coworkers, and overall work situation. In addition to these work-specific issues, personal factors will also be analyzed. In the coaching sessions we will evaluate your specific challenges and then develop a plan how best to facilitate changes to make your work life, and your private life, more fulfilling

  • You feel stressed and overwhelmed from work
  • You think it’s possible you are developing a burnout
  • You would like to develop a better work-life balance
  • You experience recurring difficult patterns at work that you would like to understand and change
  • You would like to learn to communicate differently with your co-workers or your supervisors [superiors sounds like a class-base system to me]
  • You would like to learn to become more assertive and taken more seriously at your work place