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Why individual therapy?

As a systemic therapist, I view psychological problems as an interaction between individuals and their contexts. These interactions are crucial for building up, maintaining but also overcoming psychological and behavioral patterns. A systemic approach can be especially useful for us internationals, as we navigate the challenges of new social and cultural circumstances. Throughout the therapy you will learn more about your background. What patterns did you learn from your past, for example how did your family of origin deal with certain things? And how do these influence how you deal with interpersonal and other life stressors in the here and now? During the sessions we develop together a plan of change to address the presenting problems, and how to best train new behaviors. Also, a therapy process can benefit by periodically inviting important people, like a partner or a parent, to join a session. I see the overall aim of therapy as one of finding creative solutions to overcome the difficulties of life and, importantly, as an opportunity to grow.

  • You would like to find ways out of anxiety, depression, stress
  • You would like to work through a traumatic experience
  • You want to work on specific challenges which are present in your life
  • You would like to work through some difficulties in your past
  • You need support in adapting to new life circumstances
  • You would like to become more assertive, develop more self-esteem